Three points of view to witness, reflect and act

Eagle Wings is a dialogue in pictures between the view of the eagle, of Mankind and the scientists on about Nature. Throughout the project, Eagle Wings will document the increasingly visible impact of climate change on the alpine ecosystem, the last wilderness of Europe.

From the earth with the artistic eye of Nomi Baumgartl

Nomi Baumgartl is a German photographer known worldwide for her incredible sensitivity for capturing truly artistic images of nature. Her eye stands for photographic art that conveys deep emotions.

From the sky with the camera 360° on the back of the eagle

Victor is an internationally known white-tailed eagle since he filmed the “Mer de Glace” on the Mont-Blanc, the skylines of Paris, London or Dubai with a camera placed on his back. His look is a testimony to an environment that changes too fast!

From Space with ESA Satellite View

The satellite images of the German aerospace industry / DLR in cooperation with the European Space Agency / ESA , partners of the project, reveals a more global, more scientific reality. They make it possible to imagine the future. This look is that of science, of anticipation.