The founders

Nomi Baumgartl


It's about paying tribute to our planet and its beauty, but also documenting the man-made changes it has undergone.

Jacques-Olivier Travers


Protecting endangered eagles means protecting our environment. The look of the eagle on these glaciers who are dying will touch us deeply within us. I am certain that this emotion will drive a profound change in our relationship with nature and animals.

Ronald Menzel

Entrepreneur and Activist, co-founder of Dreamscape Immersive

I believe that in life, you always have to look at things with different perspectives. I hope that seeing the challenges we face from an eagle's point of view will inspire positive change.

Helmut Achatz

Mountain guide

We only have this world. We must take care of it for our children and our grandchildren.

Karl Friedrich Scheufele

Co-President of Chopard

Spending a lot of time in the mountains I have always been deeply concerned by the Alps’ fauna and flora and the evident changes happening in this fragile ecosystem.